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NAREA is a professional association of agricultural and resource economists founded in 1981 that is affiliated with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. The purpose of NAREA is to stimulate and promote education and research on economic and social problems related to the production, marketing and consumption of agricultural products; natural resource use; the environment, and rural economic development; and the interrelation of the agricultural and rural sectors with the rest of the economy. The association currently has over 200 members.

While many members live and work in the Northeast U.S. and Maritime Provinces of Canada, the Association membership now includes agricultural and resource economists from all over the world.

The Association publishes the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review and holds an annual meeting in June of each year. The Board of Directors meets twice a year; at the annual June meeting and again in the fall.

For more information on the organization, sponsoring departments, journal, board of directors, and the annual meeting please see the links provided above and on the right.

2017 Outstanding Public Service through Economics Award

NAREA has an annual Award for Outstanding Public Service through Economics. This award honors and recognizes economists who have applied agricultural, environmental, consumer, resource, or community development economics in a unique way that has contributed toward solving an important problem and improving the welfare of society.

Dallas Burtraw

The 2017 Award for Outstanding Public Service through Economics was awarded to Dallas Butraw, Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future. Here are excerpts from the nomination letter:

Burtraw’s current areas of research include analysis of the distributional and regional consequences of various approaches to national climate policy. He also has conducted analysis and provided technical support in the design of carbon dioxide emissions trading programs in the Northeast states, California, and the European Union. He has also studied and written about regulation of greenhouse gases, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide under the Clean Air Act and has conducted integrated assessment modeling of health and ecosystem effects and valuation, including the estimation of beneļ¬ts of the value of natural resources in the Adirondack Park and the southern Appalachian region through surveying area residents on their willingness to pay for improvements. Burtraw is particularly interested in incentive-based approaches for environmental regulation and infusing greater incentives into traditional approaches to regulation, with attention to improving the cost-effectiveness of regulation under the Clean Air Act. Burtraw holds a Ph.D. in economics and a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis. For more information click here.

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