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Soji O. Adelaja

Michigan State University

Dr. Soji Adelaja is the John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy.  Until April 2011, he served as director of the Land Policy Institute, which he founded in 2006.  In that capacity, he also served as the director of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, funded Michigan Higher Education Land Policy Consortium (MiHELP), and the People and Land Initiative (PAL).  Dr. Adelaja’s work in public policy is highly respected and he has served as advisor to several key local, state, and national policy makers.

Prior to coming to MSU in 2004, Dr. Adelaja was at Rutgers University for 18 years, during which period he served as Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dean of Cook College, Executive Director of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Director of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Professor and Chair of Agricultural Food and Resource Economics, Director of the Food Policy Institute, Director of the Food Innovation Center, and Director of the Eco-Policy Center.

Soji has received numerous awards for excellence in research, outreach and policy leadership, including the 2011 Distinguished Faculty Award from Michigan State, 2010 tribute from the Governor of Michigan for his contribution to public policy and the State’s economic development, a 2011 Outstanding article of the year award from Emerald Publishers, the 2010 Outstanding article of the year award from the Agricultural and Resource Economic Review, the 2003 Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Policy through Economics from NAREA, the Rutgers Presidential Award for Distinguished Public Service from Rutgers University, the 1999 Person of the Year Award from the National Prepared Foods Association, the 2002 Outstanding Alumnus Award from the Pennsylvania State University, and the New Jersey Governor's Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to the Garden State. Soji Adelaja is a graduate of both the Pennsylvania State University ( Agricultural Mechanization), and West Virginia University, (M.S. Agricultural Economics, M.A. Economics and Ph.D. in Economics).

Soji O. Adelaja – Michigan State University

ARER Articles


Chemical Use Reductions In Urban Fringe Agriculture

Adelaja, Adesoji O.; Sullivan, Kevin P.; Hailu, Yohannes G.; Govindasamy, Ramu


The Political Economy Of Downzoning

Adelaja, Adesoji O.; Gottlieb, Paul D.


The 21st Century Land Grant Economist

Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Predicting Willingness-To-Pay A Premium For Integrated Pest Management Produce: A Logistic Approach

Govindasamy, Ramu; Italia, John; Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Income Of Farmers Who Use Direct Marketing

Govindasamy, Ramu; Hossain, Ferdaus; Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Land Values, Market Forces, And Declining Dairy Herd Size: Evidence From An Urban-Influenced Region

Adelaja, Adesoji O.; Miller, Tracy; Taslim, Mohammad


New Challenges Facing Agricultural And Resource Economics Departments In The Twenty-First Century

Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Productivity Growth And Input Mix Changes In Food Processing

Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Factor Demand And Returns To Scale In Milk Production: Effects Of Price, Substiution And Technology

Hoque, Anwarul; Adelaja, Adesoji O.