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John C. Bernard

University of Delaware

John Bernard is a Professor in the department of Applied Economics and Statistics with a joint appointment in the department of Economics at the University of Delaware.  He received his BA degrees in Math-Economics and Computer Science at Ithaca College and his MS and PhD in Agricultural Economics at Cornell University.  His primary research interests focus on consumer behavior, particularly in determining willingness to pay for organic, local, and country of origin labeled foods.  He also examines consumer acceptance and opinions of biotechnology, cloning and other new technologies.  His other areas include the use and abilities of auction experiments and farmer adoption. He has received several major USDA grants supporting his research and has presented his findings at numerous conferences.  He teaches classes on food marketing, the economics of new technology, and econometrics.

John C Bernard

ARER Articles


Differences In WTP And Consumer Demand For Organic And Non-GM Fresh And Processed Foods

He, Na; Bernard, John C.


Comparing Willingness To Pay For Organic, Natural, Locally Grown, And State Marketing Program Promoted Foods In The Mid-Atlantic Region

Onken, Kathryn A.; Bernard, John C.; Pesek, John D., Jr.


Confounded By The Field: Bidding In Food Auctions When Field Prices Are Increasing

Bernard, John C.; He, Na


An Experimental Investigation Of Consumer Willingness To Pay For Non-GM Foods When An Organic Option Is Present

Bernard, John C.; Zhang, Chao; Gifford, Katie


Performance Results And Characteristics Of Adopters Of Genetically Engineered Soybeans In Delaware

Bernard, John C.; Pesek, John D., Jr.; Fan, Chunbo


Alternative Auction Institutions For Electric Power Markets

Bernard, John C.; Mount, Timothy D.; Schulze, William D.