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Richard N. Boisvert

Cornell University

Since joining the Cornell faculty in 1971, Professor Boisvert has taught graduate courses in production economics, mathematical programming, research methods, and environmental economics. On two separate occasions, he has served as Director of Graduate Studies (a total of 14 years). He has served as associate editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. on the editorial board for the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. Dr. Boisvert’s research has been in the areas of agricultural production and risk, rural economics and income distribution. He is also involved in environmental policy analysis, with emphasis on land use, and the interface between agricultural policy and the environment. He has evaluated the effects of electricity conservation programs and time-differentiated rates on electricity demand by residential customers and agricultural and other business firms. He has received professional recognition for his research, his graduate-level teaching and his thesis advising.

Richard Boisvert

ARER Articles


Achieving Environmental Objectives Under Reduced Domestic Agricultural Support And Trade Liberalization: An Empirical Application To Taiwan

Chang, Hung-Hao; Boisvert, Richard N.; Blandford, David


Control Of Nonpoint Source Pollution Through Voluntary Incentive-Based Policies: An Application To Nitrate Contamination In New York

Boisvert, Richard N.; Peterson, Jeffrey M.


The Demand For Food Grain In China : New Insights Into A Controversy

Zhang, Xiaobo; Mount, Timothy D.; Boisvert, Richard N.


Tradeoff Between Economies Of Size In Treatment And Diseconomies Of Distribution For Rural Water Systems

Boisvert, Richard N.; Schmit, Todd M.


A Hedonic Approach To Estimating Operation And Maintenance Costs For New York Municipal Water Systems

Schmit, Todd M.; Boisvert, Richard N.


Accounting For The Importance Of Nonfarm Income On Farm Family Income Inequality In New York

Boisvert, Richard N.; Ranney, Christine K.


A Model To Explain Participation In New York's Agricultural Districts And Use-Value Assessment Programs

Boisvert, Richard N.; Bills, Nelson L.; Bailey, Elizabeth


Factors Affecting Participation In The Milk Diversion Program In The U.S. And New York

Lee, David R.; Boisvert, Richard N.


Variability Of New York's Agricultural Use Values And Its Implications For Policy

Boisvert, Richard N.; Bills, Nelson L.