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Hisham S. El-Osta

USDA Economic Research Service

Hisham El-Osta is an agricultural economist with the Economic Research Service. His research responsibilities since starting work at ERS in 1989 included the measurement of technical efficiency in farm production and the examination of the determinants of technology adoption decisions and their impact on farm production performance. The main focus of Hisham’s current research is to investigate issues pertinent to the labor allocation decisions of farmers, to the understanding of the drivers of socio-economic well-being including the quality of life attributes in the communities where these households live, and to the measurement of the disparity in the distribution of household income and wealth. Other areas of his research involve the assessment of factors that contribute to the variation in health care expenditures as well as the demand of health care among nonelderly farm households.

Hisham S. El-Osta

ARER Articles


The Impact Of Human Capital On Farm Operator Household Income

El-Osta, Hisham S.


Welfare Decomposition In The Context Of The Life Cycle Of Farm Operators: What Does A National Survey Reveal?

El-Osta, Hisham S.; Morehart, Mitchell J.


The Dynamics Of Wealth Concentration Among Farm Operator Households

El-Osta, Hisham S.; Morehart, Mitchell J.


Technology Adoption Decisions In Dairy Production And The Role Of Herd Expansion

El-Osta, Hisham S.; Morehart, Mitchell J.


Regional Differences In The Contribution Of Off-Farm Work To Income Inequality

El-Osta, Hisham S.; Bernat, G. Andrew, Jr.; Ahearn, Mary Clare