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Ramu Govindasamy

Rutgers University

Dr. Govindasamy is currently a professor of Agribusiness Marketing at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  He is also an Associate Director at the Food Policy Institute and at the New Use Agriculture & Natural Plant Products Program at Rutgers University.  Dr. Govindasamy is well known internationally, nationally and regionally for his scholarly and outreach activities in Agricultural Marketing.  He has been able to achieve these responsibilities by developing an effective, nationally and internationally recognized program of research and scholarship that has led to over 95 refereed publications, 145 professional presentations, plenary and invited talks and 40 external research grants. He served as the Chair for the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics during 2008-09 at Rutgers University.  Because of his accomplishments, Dr. Govindasamy was elected in 2004 as the Chair of S1019, National Research Committee that focuses on the issues relating to fruit and vegetable marketing in the U.S.  He was elected to serve on the board of directors for the Food Distribution Research Society in the United States.  He also served as the editorial board member for the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review and The Journal of Food Distribution Research Society.  Dr. Govindasamy was awarded the Presidential Emerging Leadership Award by the Food Distribution Society in October of 2004. After joining Rutgers University, within a few years Dr. Govindasamy was awarded the Research Excellence Award by the college.  In 2004, he was awarded the Team Award by the college for his role in the study of consumer perceptions, attitude and acceptance of biotechnology in the United States and abroad.  Dr. Govindasamy has been teaching “Global Marketing” to undergraduate students at Rutgers University for about 15 years.

In the past ten years, Dr. Govindasamy’s research program has been supported by external grants and contracts of over $11 million from over 10 sources such as Specialty Crop Research Initiative, NIFA-USDA, International Science and Education Program, USDA, National Research Initiative–CSREES-USDA, USAID-EGAT Global Division, USAID-Regional Center for Southern Africa, Agricultural Marketing Service-USDA,  New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems-USDA, Risk Avoidance and Mitigation Program-USDA, Northeast Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education Program-USDA, Chemonics International Inc., International Institute of Tropical Agriculture-CGIAR organization, Human Educational Development-USAID and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.  Most of these grants are multi-disciplinary and many, such as Specialty Crop Research Initiative and National Research Initiative (NRI) program, are highly competitive.

Ramu Govindasamy

ARER Articles


Chemical Use Reductions In Urban Fringe Agriculture

Adelaja, Adesoji O.; Sullivan, Kevin P.; Hailu, Yohannes G.; Govindasamy, Ramu


U.S. Consumers' Willingness To Pay For Food Labeled 'Genetically Modified'

Onyango, Benjamin M.; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.; Govindasamy, Ramu


Predicting Willingness-To-Pay A Premium For Integrated Pest Management Produce: A Logistic Approach

Govindasamy, Ramu; Italia, John; Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Income Of Farmers Who Use Direct Marketing

Govindasamy, Ramu; Hossain, Ferdaus; Adelaja, Adesoji O.


Implications Of Policy Regulations On Land Applications Of Poultry Litter

Govindasamy, Ramu; Cochran, Mark J.


Supply Response In The Northeastern Fresh Tomato Market: Cointegration And Error Correction Analysis

Weliwita, Ananda; Govindasamy, Ramu


Determinants Of Farmer-To-Consumer Direct Market Visits By Type Of Facility: A Logit Analysis

Govindasamy, Ramu; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.


The Feasibility Of Poultry Litter Transportation From Environmentally Sensitive Areas To Delta Row Crop Production

Govindasamy, Ramu; Cochran, Mark J.


Impacts Of Pst On Optimal Production And Marketing Decisions Of A Grow-Finish Hog Farm Operation

Govindasamy, Ramu; Liu, Donald J.; Kliebenstein, James B.