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Robert J. Johnston

Clark University

Robert Johnston is Director of the George Perkins Marsh Institute and Professor of Economics at Clark University. He received a BA in economics from Williams College and a PhD in environmental and natural resource economics from the University of Rhode Island.  Dr. Johnston’s research addresses nonmarket valuation, benefit transfer, and ecosystem services, with an emphasis on aquatic, riparian and coastal systems.  Other interests include fisheries, tourism and meta-analysis. He has served on  the US EPA Science Advisory Board, a National Research Council Committee evaluating the effectiveness of fish stock rebuilding, the Senior Advisory Board of the Connecticut Sea Grant Program, the Program Advisory Council of the New York Sea Grant Program, and the Program Committee for the Charles Darwin Foundation in Galapagos, Ecuador.  Among other past and present offices, he is Past-President of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association and Vice President of the Marine Resource Economics Foundation.  Dr. Johnston has published over one hundred books, chapters and peer reviewed journal articles.  His work has been supported by agencies including the National Science Foundation, United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and has contributed to national, state and local policy in the United States and elsewhere. 

Robert J Johnston

ARER Articles


Foreword: The Economics Of Rural And Agricultural Ecosystem Services: Purism Versus Practicality

Bauer, Dana M.; Johnston, Robert J.


Stated Preferences For Intermediate Versus Final Ecosystem Services: Disentangling Willingness To Pay For Omitted Outcomes

Johnston, Robert J.; Schultz, Eric T.; Segerson, Kathleen; Besedin, Elena Y.; Ramachandran, Mahesh


Willingness To Pay For Water Quality Improvements In The United States And Canada: Considering Possibilities For International Meta-Analysis And Benefit Transfer

Johnston, Robert J.; Thomassin, Paul J.


Farmland Preservation And Differential Taxation: Evaluating Optimal Policy Under Conditions Of Uncertainty

Johnston, Robert J.


Preferences For Residential Development Attributes And Support For The Policy Process: Implications For Management And Conservation Of Rural Landscapes

Johnston, Robert J.; Swallow, Stephen K.; Bauer, Dana Marie; Anderson, Christopher M.


Contingent Valuation Focus Groups: Insights From Ethnographic Interview Techniques

Johnston, Robert J.; Weaver, Thomas F.; Smith, Lynn A.; Swallow, Stephen K.