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Harry M. Kaiser

Cornell UniversityHarry M. Kaiser

Harry M. Kaiser teaches and conducts research in the areas of price analysis, marketing, and quantitative methods. Professor Kaiser has written numerous refereed journal articles, books, and book chapters in these areas.  Much of Professor Kaiser’s research focuses on food demand analysis and the economics of advertising. Recently, much of his research has examined the efficacy and impacts of anti-obesity policies such as fat and sugar taxes, healthy food subsidies, and anti-obesity advertising. Professor Kaiser was involved with some of the first research that investigated the economic impacts of climate change on the U.S. agricultural sector. Professor Kaiser has worked extensively in the area of behavioral and experimental economics. Professor Kaiser served as editor of Agricultural and Resource Economics Review from 1999-2001, associate editor of the American Journal of Agricultural Economics from 1999-2001, and has been the associate editor of Agribusiness: An International Journal since 1999. He was the President of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association from 2006-2008, and was on the executive board of directors of the American Agricultural Economics Association from 2003-2005, and on the executive board of directors of the Council on Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics from 2010-2012. Professor Kaiser was co-recipient of the outstanding journal article of the year from the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association in 1991, and from the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society in 2009. In 2006, Professor Kaiser received the Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In 2009, he received the highest non-degree honor bestowed on an alumnus of the University of Minnesota, the Outstanding Achievement Award. He also received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the Department of Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota in 2009.


ARER Articles


Which Consumers Are Most Responsive To Media-Induced Food Scares?

Payne, Collin R.; Messer, Kent D.; Kaiser, Harry M.


Dairy-Borne Disease Outbreak And Milk Demand: A Study Using Outbreak Surveillance Data

Zheng, Yuqing; Kaiser, Harry M.


Foreword: Special Issue On Promotion Through Consumer Information On Food Product Credence Attributes

Kaiser, Harry M.


Advertising And U.S. Nonalcoholic Beverage Demand

Zheng, Yuqing; Kaiser, Harry M.


Optimal Media Allocation Of Generic Fluid Milk Advertising Expenditures: The Case Of New York State

Dong, Diansheng; Schmit, Todd M.; Kaiser, Harry M.


Egg Advertising, Dietary Cholesterol Concerns, And U.S. Consumer Demand

Schmit, Todd M.; Kaiser, Harry M.


An Analysis Of Policy Alternatives To The Dairy Price Support Program

Kaiser, Harry M.


An Analysis Of U.S. Dairy Policy Deregulation Using An Imperfect Competition Model

Suzuki, Nobuhiro; Kaiser, Harry M.; Lenz, John E.; Forker, Olan D.


Consumer Perceptions And Attitudes Towards Bovine Somatotropin

Kaiser, Harry M.; Scherer, Clifford W.; Barbano, David M.


Climate Change And Agriculture

Kaiser, Harry M.


An Economic Analysis Of The U.S. Generic Dairy Advertising Program Using An Industry Model

Liu, Donald J.; Kaiser, Harry M.; Forker, Olan D.; Mount, Timothy D.


Negative Milk Supply Response Under Constrained Profit Maximizing Behavior

Tauer, Loren W.; Kaiser, Harry M.


The Effects Of Alternative Seasonal Price Differentials On Milk Production In New York

Kaiser, Harry M.; Oltenacu, Pascal A.; Smith, Terry R.


Potential Income Effects Of The Harkin-Gephardt Proposal On New York Dairy Farms

Kaiser, Harry M.; Heslop, Edward H.; Milligan, Robert A.