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John B. Loomis

Colorado State University

Dr. John Loomis is a professor in the Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University. He is the author of three books (Integrated Public Lands Management, Environmental Policy Analysis for Decision Making, and Recreation Economic Decisions) as well as more than 200 journal articles dealing with economic valuation of non-marketed natural resources in countries ranging from Australia to Vietnam. These articles have been published in journals ranging from Agricultural and Resource Economics Review to Water Resources Research. Dr. Loomis’ analysis of the non-market benefits of the Elwha dam removal and the Lower Snake River dam removal were included in the Environmental Impact Statements on those projects.

He is a Distinguished Scholar of the Western Agricultural Economics Association. Prior to coming to Colorado State University, Dr. Loomis was an Associate Professor at University of California-Davis.

John B Loomis

ARER Articles


Do CVM Welfare Estimates Suffer From On-Site Sampling Bias? A Comparison Of On-Site And Household Visitor Surveys

Gonzalez-Sepulveda, Juan Marcos; Loomis, John B.


Testing Significance Of Multi-Destination And Multi-Purpose Trip Effects In A Travel Cost Method Demand Model For Whale Watching Trips

Loomis, John B.; Yorizane, Shizuka; Larson, Douglas M.


The Importance Of The Market Area Determination For Estimating Aggregate Benefits Of Public Goods: Testing Differences In Resident And Nonresident Willingness To Pay

Loomis, John B.; Gonzalez-Caban, Armando


Comparing Models For Contingent Valuation Surveys: Statistical Efficiency And The Precision Of Benefit Estimates

Park, Timothy A.; Loomis, John B.


Broadening The Concept And Measurements Of Existence Value

Loomis, John B.