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Lori Lynch

University of MarylandHarry M. Kaiser

Lori Lynch is a professor in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at the University of Maryland and director the Center for Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy at the University of Maryland. She received her Ph.D from U.C. Berkeley in 1996 and Master's Degree from U.C. Davis in 1989. She served on the NAREA Board of Directors from 2000-2003, as Co-editor of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review from 2004-2007, and in a Presidential position from 2007-2010.

Dr Lynch's research has specialized in agricultural and resource policy analysis. Her earlier work focused on invasive species, pesticide and trade issues. Her research on land-use has included the existence of a critical mass, farmland preservation questions, conservation practice adoption, and a variety of tax related issues. Current research includes economics experiments to further better policy design particular those with spatial components.


ARER Articles


FOREWORD: The Economics Of Land Use Change: Advancing The Frontiers

Lynch, Lori; Geoghegan, Jacqueline


Exotic Pests And Trade: When Is Pest-Free Status Certification Worthwhile?

Lichtenberg, Erik; Lynch, Lori


Foreword: Special Issue On Invasive Species

Lynch, Lori; Lichtenberg, Erik


Effect Of A Differentially Applied Environmental Regulation On Agricultural Trade Patterns And Production Location: The Case Of Methyl Bromide

Lynch, Lori; Malcolm, Scott A.; Zilberman, David


Capitalization Of Open Spaces Into Housing Values And The Residential Property Tax Revenue Impacts Of Agricultural Easement Programs

Bucholtz, Shawn; Geoghegan, Jacqueline; Lynch, Lori


Is There Evidence Of A Critical Mass In The Mid-Atlantic Agriculture Sector Between 1949 And 1997?

Lynch, Lori; Carpenter, Janet


Explaining Deer Population Preferences: An Analysis Of Farmers, Hunters And The General Public

Curtis, John A.; Lynch, Lori