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Ashok K. Mishra

Louisiana State University

Ashok K. Mishra is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at Louisiana State University, where he conducts research and teaching activities conducts research in public policy, finance, household and labor economics. Dr. Mishra has published more than 100 papers in Peer reviewed Journals, 10 book chapters, and more than 140 presentations at national and international conferences.

The quality of his research output has been recognized through several awards, most notably, the outstanding journal article award, in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics. It also includes the outstanding journal article award in the prestigious Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. His research efforts have been earned him several awards including the 2012 Mid-Career Scholar Rainmaker Award, the 2013 LSU Distinguished Faculty Award, the 2012 LSU Gamma Sigma Delta Research Certificate Merit, and the 2013 Distinguished Achievement in Agriculture Award from LSU Gamma Sigma Delta.

Dr. Mishra assumed a leadership role in the agricultural economics profession by serving as either an editor and/or associate editor for journals: (1) co-editor of Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2011-to present); (2) associate editor of the Agricultural Finance Review journal (2010 to present); (3) co-editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics (2007-2010); and (4) as a guest editor for Land Use Planning, 2012.  He has performed service work as Chairman of the AAEA Selected Paper Committee for 2008-2009. He also served on the Economics Statistics and Information Resources Committee of the AAEA, 2006-2008.
Dr. Mishra has presented his work to non-academics such as USDA’s Agricultural Outlook conferences, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, National Public Policy Education Committee, the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board, and key policymakers from the Office of Management and Budget, Council of Economic Advisors, and USDA. More recently, Dr. Mishra served on the Advisory Board of European Commission on Agriculture Reform; Advisory Board of Italian Ministry of Education University and Research; United Nations Committee on Science and Technology.

Prior to joining LSU, he was a Senior Economist with Economic Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, in Washington DC where he conducted research in farm policy, finance, household and labor economics, and survey analysis on U.S. farm sector and rural communities.  He received a PhD in Economics at North Carolina State University (1996), an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics at the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom (1989).

Ashok K. Mishra

ARER Articles


Use Of Direct Marketing Strategies By Farmers And Their Impact On Farm Business Income

Uematsu, Hiroki; Mishra, Ashok K.


Intensity Of Precision Agriculture Technology Adoption By Cotton Producers

Paxton, Kenneth W.; Mishra, Ashok K.; Chintawar, Sachin; Roberts, Roland K.; Larson, James A.; English, Burton C.; Lambert, Dayton M.; Marra, Michele C.; Larkin, Sherry L.; Reeves, Jeanne M.; Martin, Steven W.


Internet Access And Internet Purchasing Patterns Of Farm Households

Mishra, Ashok K.; Williams, Robert P.; Detre, Joshua D.


Farm Wealth Inequality Within And Across States In The United States

Mishra, Ashok K.; Moss, Charles B.; Erickson, Kenneth W.


An Empirical Analysis Of Internet Use By U.S. Farmers

Mishra, Ashok K.; Park, Timothy A.


Effect Of Farm Income And Off-Farm Wage Variability On Off-Farm Labor Supply

Mishra, Ashok K.; Holthausen, Duncan M.