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Wesley N. Musser

University of Maryland

Wesley Musser is an Extension Specialist and Professor at the University of Maryland. He was raised on a farm in Northeast Nebraska. He received a BS and MS from the University of Nebraska and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Past positions were at the University of Georgia, Oregon State University, and the Pennsylvania State University. He currently has an extension/research appointment. Previous positions were teaching/research appointments. In all his work, he has emphasized farm management and finance with a particular focus on risk management. He has also conducted research in environmental economics. He has been President of the Northeastern Association of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Co-editor of the Review of Agricultural and Resource Economics with Lori Lynch. He has also received the Distinguished Member Award for the Northeastern Association of Agricultural and Resource Economics in 1995 and 2007.

Wesley N. Musser

Wes Musser with Berkeley


ARER Articles


Extension Programs In Crop Insurance: A Maryland Case Study

Musser, Wesley N.


Farmer Forward Pricing Behavior: Evidence From Marketing Clubs

McNew, Kevin; Musser, Wesley N.


A Financial Training Program For Usda/Fsa Borrowers: Evolution And Impacts

Parsons, Robert L.; Hanson, Gregory D.; Musser, Wesley N.; Freund, Roland; Power, Lehan


The Allocation Of Lisa Research And Extension Funding

Abler, David G.; Musser, Wesley N.


An Experiment In Contingent Valuation And Social Desirability

Laughland, Andrew S.; Musser, Wesley N.; Musser, Lynn M.


Measuring Historical Risk In Quarterly Milk Prices

Ford, Beth Pride; Musser, Wesley N.; Yonkers, Robert D.


The Optimal Quantity Of Land In Agriculture: Discussion

Shortle, James S.; Musser, Wesley N.


Using Non-Contemporaneous Data To Specify Risk Programming Models

Tew, Bernard V.; Musser, Wesley N.; Smith, G. Scott


Optimal Agricultural Pest Management With Multiple Species

Wetzstein, Michael E.; Szmedra, Philip I.; Musser, Wesley N.; Chou, Charlene C.J.