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Rodolfo M. Nayga

University of Arkansas



Rodolfo M. Nayga

ARER Articles


Assessing The Demand For A Functional Food Product: Is There Cannibalization In The Orange Juice Category?

Yuan, Yan; Capps, Oral, Jr.; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.


U.S. Consumers' Willingness To Pay For Food Labeled 'Genetically Modified'

Onyango, Benjamin M.; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.; Govindasamy, Ramu


Health Knowledge And Consumer Use Of Nutritional Labels: The Issue Revisited

Kim, Sung-Yong; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.; Capps, Oral, Jr.


Determinants Of Farmer-To-Consumer Direct Market Visits By Type Of Facility: A Logit Analysis

Govindasamy, Ramu; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.


Wife's Labor Force Participation And Family Expenditures For Prepared Food, Food Prepared At Home, And Food Away From Home

Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.


Effects Of Socioeconomic And Demographic Factors On Consumption Of Selected Food Nutrients

Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.


The Single Index Market Model In Agriculture

Gempesaw, Conrado M., II; Tambe, A.M.; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.; Toensmeyer, Ulrich C.