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Todd M. Schmit

Cornell University

Todd Schmit conducts research in agribusiness management and domestic agricultural economic development, with a focus on identifying strategies to improve agribusiness performance and consideration of agriculturally based inter-industry linkages to enhance the efficacy of policies targeted to rural agricultural development. Of particular interest is how alternative management and marketing practices by agribusiness decision-makers affect firm performance and how various firm, spatial, and market factors interact and influence industry growth. Current research is centered on the importance of inter-industry linkages and the effects of firm agglomeration, cluster strategies, and cooperative business ventures to the development and performance of local and regional food systems, with an emphasis on opportunities for small- and medium-scale producers and food and beverage manufacturers. Additional research is focused on farm management responses to environmental nutrient policies and consumer valuation of environmentally sustainable production practices.

Todd M. Schmit

ARER Articles


Implications Of Growing Biofuel Demands On Northeast Livestock Feed Costs

Schmit, Todd M.; Verteramo, Leslie J.; Tomek, William G.


Optimal Media Allocation Of Generic Fluid Milk Advertising Expenditures: The Case Of New York State

Dong, Diansheng; Schmit, Todd M.; Kaiser, Harry M.


Egg Advertising, Dietary Cholesterol Concerns, And U.S. Consumer Demand

Schmit, Todd M.; Kaiser, Harry M.


Tradeoff Between Economies Of Size In Treatment And Diseconomies Of Distribution For Rural Water Systems

Boisvert, Richard N.; Schmit, Todd M.


A Hedonic Approach To Estimating Operation And Maintenance Costs For New York Municipal Water Systems

Schmit, Todd M.; Boisvert, Richard N.