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James S. Shortle

Pennsylvania State University

James S. Shortle is a Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics, and Director of the College of Agricultural Sciences Environment and Natural Resources Institute at Penn State University.  He received a Bachelor of University Studies from the University of New Mexico in 1975, and a PhD in Economics from Iowa State University in 1981.  He has been on the faculty at Penn State, and active in the Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, since 1981.  His service to NAREA includes serving as a member of the editorial council and board of directors, and as the president of the Association.  He has received the Association’s Distinguished Service and Best Article Awards. His current work focuses on economic incentives and markets for environmental management with an emphasis on water quality and terrestrial habitat.  He is presently a member of the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee to the US EPA Science Advisory Board, and serves on the editorial boards of the European Review of Agricultural Economics and Environment and Development Economics

James S. Shortle

ARER Articles


Economics And Environmental Markets: Lessons From Water-Quality Trading

Shortle, James


Using DEA And VEA To Evaluate Quality Of Life In The Mid-Atlantic States

Marshall, Elizabeth P.; Shortle, James S.


FOREWORD: Special Issue On Trade

Abler, David G.; Shortle, James S.


The Coordination And Design Of Point-Nonpoint Trading Programs And Agri-Environmental Policies

Horan, Richard D.; Shortle, James S.; Abler, David G.


The Performance Of Compliance Measures And Instruments For Nitrate Nonpoint Pollution Control Under Uncertainty And Alternative Agricultural Commodity Policy Regimes

Abrahams, Nii Adote; Shortle, James S.


The Political Economy Of Water Quality Protection From Agricultural Chemicals

Abler, David G.; Shortle, James S.


The Optimal Quantity Of Land In Agriculture: Discussion

Shortle, James S.; Musser, Wesley N.


Reducing Nutrient Application Rates For Water Quality Protection In Intensive Livestock Areas: Policy Implications Of Alternative Producer Behavior

McSweeny, William T.; Shortle, James S.


Measuring The Primary Impacts Of Severance Taxation: A Spatial Equilibrium Approach

Findeis, Jill L.; Shortle, James S.; Kibler, Virginia


Allocative Implications Of Comparisons Between The Marginal Costs Of Point And Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement

Shortle, James S.


Agricultural Price, Quantity, And Welfare Effects Of Air Quality Improvements

Ribaudo, Marc; Shortle, James S.


Trade-Offs Between Severance Tax Revenues And Coal Mining Employment

Findeis, Jill L.; Shortle, James S.


The Use Of Estimated Pollution Flows In Agricultural Pollution Control Policy: Implications For Abatement And Policy Instruments

Shortle, James S.