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Guidelines for Submission

Manuscripts are submitted electronically as PDFs and should include a cover letter and 100-word abstract. For detailed information, see the downloadable Guidelines for Manuscript Submission. A style sheet for citations and references is also available.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in PDF format using the
Editorial Express Interface Correspondence should be sent to the editors (see the Contact page of this website for addresses).

The ARER editors have established an expedited review process for manuscripts that  are solo-authored by graduate students or have graduate students as lead authors. The process is designed to take less than four months from submission to final decision. For example, a paper submitted at the start of a semester could go through the entire review process before the semester ends. The three-step process works as follows.

#1       Upon submission, the manuscript will undergo an expedited review such that the authors will receive a decision and reviews within two months (60 days). The review process will have the same rigor as other ARER submissions. 
#2       If a revision is requested, authors will be expected to complete their revisions and response to reviewers within 45 days.
#3       Upon receipt of the revised manuscript, the ARER editor will make a decision on whether to publish the paper based on its current condition. In other words, there will not be a second or third round of revisions. 

Authors who wish to be considered for this expedited review process should indicate preference for the “Special Expedited Review” in the box entitled “Brief Comments/Instructions to Editor” that is part of the ARER on-line submission process and in the cover letter to the editors.