Distinguished Member Award

All members of NAREA are eligible for nomination to receive the Distinguished Member Award, in recognition for "continuous and outstanding contributions to the Association, the region and the profession" and typically "to recognize members for significant recent professional achievements in the context of an overall meritorious record." Recipients may be in teaching, research, extension, administration, government or business. According to the by‐laws an individual may receive the award more than once.


Previous Recipients:

1977 Daymon W. Thatch
1978 Robert L. Christensen
1979 Kenneth D. Mclntosh
1980 Alan R. Bird
1981 Irving F. Fellows
Stanley K. Seaver
1982 Lee M. Day
1983 None
1984 Dale K. Colyer
George E. Frick
1985 Bemard F. Stanton
Cleve E. Willis
1986 Robert O. Sinclair
1987 None
1988 None
1989 Mary E. Templeton
1990 James W. Dunn
Bill V. Lessley
1991 None 
1992 Virgil J. Norton
1993 Loren W. Tauer
1994 Olan D. Forker
Steven E. Hastings
1995 Wesley N. Musser
1996 Conrado M. Gempesaw, II
1997 Julie A. Caswell
1998 Donald J. Epp
1999 Linda K. Lee
2000 Conrado M. Gempesaw, Il
John M. Halstead
2001 David R. Lee
2002 Kevin J. Boyle
Harry M. Kaiser
2003 Stephen K. Swallow
2004 None
2005 Stephen M. Smith
2006 None
2007 Daniel A. Lass
Wesley N. Musser
2008 Robert J. Johnston
2009 Harry M. Kaiser
Douglas E. Morris
2010 Joshua M. Duke
2011 Jacqueline M. Geoghegan
Jill Caviglia-Harris
2012 C S Kim
2013 Neil H. Pelsue, Jr.
2014 None
2015 Kathleen Bell
2016 Ted Jaenicke
  Kent Messer
2017 Greg Poe

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