Honorary Life Member Award

The Honorary Life Member Award is given to individuals who are recent active members and who have retired from their main professional position. It recognizes members in good standing of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association who have actively participated in the affairs of the Association and its predecessor organizations as appropriate, and who, while maintaining an active interest in their profession, have recently retired from their formal professional position that comprised the major reason for their initial involvement with the Association. To be eligible, each candidate must be nominated by a member in good standing. The nomination letter should specify why the member is deserving of the award.

1963 Paul Putnam
1964 Raymond G. Bressler, Jr.
Charles H. Merchant
Frederick V. Vaughn
1965 None
1966 Mildred Smith
1967 Lawrence Vaughn
1968 A. H. Lindsay
Edmond A. Perregaux
1969 Joseph Ackerman (Fellow)
Ellsworth W. Bell
1970 George F. Dow
1971 Winn Fimier
1972 Edwin T. Bardwell
Bradford Dean Crossrnon
Stanley W, Warren
1973 None
1974 George E. Brandow
1975 James Reginald Bowring
1976 Stewart Johnson
1977 None
1978 Arthur W. Dewey
Elmar Jarvesoo
Arthur D. Jeffrey
Edward A, Lutz
1979 James Callahan
James Clarke
George Toben
Leonard Sizer
1980 George Rogers
1981 Silas B. Weeks
1982 None
1983 Irving Fellows
Homer Metzger
1984 Howard E. Conklin
Stanley K. Seaver
1985 Fred O. Sargent
1986 Raymond C. Smith
1987 Raymond H. Tremblay
1988 A. Robert Koch
1988 Marvin W. Kottke
Robert O, Sinclair
Fred C. Webster
1989 Lee M. Day
Dearme Lee
1990 None
1991 Mary E. Templeton
John H, Foster
1992 George E. Frick
1993 Malcolm I. Bevins
John W. Malone
Donald Marion
Bemard (Bud) F. Stanton
1994 None
1995 David A, Storey
1996 Olan D. Forker
1997 Johannes Delphendahl
1998 Gerald L. Cole
1999 None
2000 None
2001 Dale K. Colyer
2002 None
2003 Edmund F. Jansen Jr
T C Lee
Donald J. Epp
2004 None
2005 None
2006 Neil H. Pelsue Jr
2007 Cleve E. Willis
Conrado M. Gempesaw
2008 None
2009 None
2010 Nelson L. Bills
Stephen M. Smith
2011 None
2012 None
2013 None
2014 None
2015 Marilyn Altobello
  Richard Boisvert
  Douglas Morris
  Wesley Musser
2016 Stephen Reiling
2017 None

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