Career Advancement and Mentorship Program

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The NAREA Career Advancement and Mentorship (CAM) Program, founded in 2010, is an innovative program designed to help early career scholars develop and enhance professional networks, receive one-to-one mentoring from an experienced member within the environmental and agricultural economics community, and organize and attend events at the NAREA annual meeting that focus on issues of concern to early career scholars. The program is held in concert with the NAREA Annual Meeting andalso serves to increase engagement in NAREA. 

We accept applications for new fellows for this two-year program in odd years. Fellows are matched with a mentor that they will work with in year one of the program.  The objective of this one-to-one mentoring is to advancing objectives outlined in the mentee’s Individual Development Plan (IDP).  The CAM Fellows also work together in working groups over the course of the two years they are in the program to advance networking goals and to support one another in learning more about career objectives and how to reach them. Mentors and mentees are expected to be interested in playing a role in making economics a more diverse and welcoming field and in helping NAREA continue to be known as a welcoming and inclusive organization. See our mentee expectations and mentor expectations for more on what is, and is not, expected of program participants. A brief outline of program events is provided below.



The Career Advancement and Mentorship (CAM) Program is focused on building professional networks for early-career scholars to bridge academic, government, and other research-oriented organizations and helps define the character and culture of NAREA while fostering a  leadership pipeline to support NAREA, AAEA, AERE, and broader professional organizations.



The CAM vision is for the program to be indispensable to NAREA’s mission to be welcome to all economists, to foster the growth of young scholars, and promote diversity.


Core Values

We believe... 

… in the importance of an inclusive culture

… that good scholarship does not happen alone

… that every economist should feel/be supported by other economists in the profession

… that annual meetings should be places where early-career economists can get valuable feedback and not feel intimidated

… in fostering professional growth through a network 

CAM Program Year 1 (odd years)

  1. Fellows are selected and matched with mentors
  2. Mentors and mentees attend workshop, breakfast and dinner events at the NAREA annual meeting
  3. CAM working groups are formed and meet regularly
  4. IDPs are developed, submitted and revised

CAM Program Year 2 (even years)

  1. CAM fellows organize and run a panel at the NAREA annual meeting
  2. Mentors and mentees celebrate the end of the formal one-to-one mentoring at the CAM dinner
  3. CAM working groups continue to meet regularly


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