NAREA Membership

NAREA has a new membership system. You can join NAREA or update your memberships record here.

NAREA has a uniform membership period running from January 1 to December 31. An annual membership purchased during a calendar year runs to the end of that calendar year. A 3-year membership runs to the end of the current calendar year plus the following two calendar years.

If you need help with membership issues, please contact NAREA President Dave Abler (

PURPOSE: The purpose of NAREA is to stimulate and promote research on economic and social problems related to the production, marketing and consumption of agricultural products, natural resource use and community economic development, and the interrelation of the agricultural and rural economy with the rest of the economy.

ORGANIZATION: NAREA is organized as a group of professional agricultural and resource economists and other persons interested in promoting the purposes of the Association.

AFFILIATION: NAREA is officially affiliated with the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, and its President shall serve as an ex officio member of the AAEA Board of Directors. NAREA shall not be affiliated with any other institution, organization or agency, either public or private.

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