Scholars’ Circles


In 2020-21, NAREA piloted a Scholars’ Circles Program, and renewed the program in 2021-22. In 2021-22, there are nine circles that focus on:


  • Ag Econ/Policy
  • Climate/Energy
  • Environmental (General)
  • Environmental (Development)
  • Environmental (Valuation)
  • Experimental
  • Food
  • Natural Resources
  • Teaching


NAREA’s Scholars' Circles are small (5-7 members), consist of both senior and junior members, and the meetings are informal. This creates a low-stress environment that facilitates scholarly exchange, professional networking, and mentorship among junior and senior members of NAREA. The meeting formats and content are self-organized, which gives members flexibility to design groups that serve them best. Each group has a designated leader who organizes meeting times and facilitates meetings. The groups meet on a regular basis on a timeline set by the members. We suggest meeting monthly to keep everyone engaged.


As these groups are a benefit offered by NAREA, participants must be (or become) NAREA members. Information about membership is here.


NAREA hopes to continue to offer the program in future years provided that interest in its membership exists!

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